Seeking the finest craftsmen to bring our creations to life.

Luxury jewellery is rarely bought on a whim.

A woman looking to treat herself will take her time choosing a piece which captures her individual taste, to wear as a reflection of her signature style. Similarly, a man wishing to propose will only select a ring of perfect proportions and fiery brilliance, which is truly evocative of his love and commitment to his partner.

With almost 50 years of experience, at Pravins we truly understand that when the choice is a carefully considered one, the pieces should be too. So that's why we have always maintained a meticulous focus on inspiring artistry and technical mastery.

From the initial conception and design process, through to the final stages of manufacturing, every item of Pravins jewellery is thoughfully planned and lovingly created. Our in-house designs and collections usually start as a moment of inspiration, before taking shape in the form of our designers' conceptual mood boards and hand-drawn sketches.

We are extremely selective when sourcing materials for our luxurious creations, all Pravins' diamonds are carefully vetted to ensure compliance with The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

During the comprehensive process of hand selecting our diamonds and colour gemstones, our gemmologists consider much more than the eponymous 'four C's'. Paying attention to the finer details such as fluorescence, finish grade, symmetry and the intensity or depth of colour. But most importantly, whether the gemstone 'speaks' to them or not.

Since 1969 we have developed trusting and enduring relationships with the very best craftsmen working in the jewellery industry, both in the UK and around the world. These lasting relationships were and are only possible due to our shared appreciation for consistently high standards and scrupulous attention to detail.

Every item of Pravins jewellery is precious to us, so we only allow them into the experienced hands of craftsmen we know will bring them to life with the same pursuit of perfection.

After passing through rigorous quality control procedures, a finished Pravins piece will finally be displayed in one of our boutiques with the same level of care and thoughtfullness. From there our creations wait for their perfect brilliance and beauty to catch your eye and capture your heart.