Bespoke Creations

Turn your dream jewellery into reality with Pravins.

We invite you to turn your dream jewellery into reality with our Bespoke Creations journey.

Pravins bespoke service is the perfect option for the discerning client, looking for a unique piece of jewellery that has been crafted especially to meet their requirements. Whether you have inspiration you wish to bring to life, a specific idea in mind or are just certain that you want a completely original piece, there is nothing like wearing jewellery which has been personally and passionately designed by yourself or a loved one.

An increasing number of Pravins clients are choosing to become involved in the creation process, especially when it comes to choosing their engagement, wedding and eternity rings which are perhaps the most significant pieces of jewellery a couple will ever wear.

A bespoke piece can take up to twelve weeks to complete, but our clients express that the additional meaning and sentiment it gives to their jewellery makes the wait more than worthwhile.

We believe it is essential that you have as much creative control as you desire during the bespoke process. Our design team will ensure you are satisfied at each stage before progressing to the next and only when you are completely happy with the final design, will the manufacturing process begin.

The initial stage of the Bespoke Creations journey is known as the Design phase. If you are considering embarking on a bespoke journey with Pravins then we would recommend booking an appointment with one of our boutique teams where you can discuss your ideas in detail and view items of stock that might help with the design.

Once a concise brief is prepared the design phase is well underway and our in-house design team at our London Head Office will prepare a selection of hand-drawn sketches for your approval. When your design has been selected we will confirm the choice and verify any important measurements, such as your ring size and the exact specifications of any gemstones.

After the designs are completed, Stage two, otherwise known as 'Manufacture' may begin. Depending on the method of manufacture best suited to bring your bespoke designs to life we may need to produce a CAD (Computer Aided Design) image of your jewellery. On the other hand, if your piece is going to be made by hand, the approved initial sketches are enough for our talented craftsmen to get to work.

The duration of the final phase of manufacturing process will involve the production of a wax model (for certain CAD designs), casting of components, cleaning up, setting of gemstones and 'finishing' the jewellery.

Once completed, all that is left to do is collect your truly special piece of jewellery during a personal presentation in your chosen boutique. A valuation folder will be presented in the boutique documenting the fine details and qualities of your brand new piece of jewellery.

If you want to discover more about the Pravins Bespoke Creations Journey please make an appointment in your chosen boutique, or email for more information.