Eternity rings

The ultimate symbol of love, the traditional eternity ring celebrates a tenth wedding anniversary or represents the adoration and admiration of a new mother at the birth of her first child.

These days, everlasting love itself is reason enough to give an eternity ring, and at Pravins we can guide you to the perfect ring to celebrate such a precious thing.

The circle of life and love

Eternity rings have gemstones or diamonds touching end to end in a full circle of precious metal – a physical representation of eternal love. But some ladies prefer the beauty of a half eternity ring, with stones linking only across the top of the finger.

At Pravins, we have a stunning selection ranging from five- and seven-stone eternity rings to vintage designs, plaited metals and eternity rings of ruby, sapphire or emerald set with diamonds.

Choosing your eternity ring

With such a comprehensive range of eternity rings to choose from online at Pravins, choosing the right one could be a bit bewildering. Pravins experts will happily share our knowledge of traditional gemstone meanings, anniversary gifts and birthstones to help you choose the perfect eternity ring.

Make it deeply personal

With Pravins guidance, you can explore metals and stone cuts until you find the ring for your lifetime partner or mother of your child. To have a motif, cut or design unique to your relationship, our Bespoke Creations process will work with you to design an eternity ring that represents your life together.