Emeralds form part of the beryl family and are thought to have been formed over billions of years. They were first discovered in Egypt in 330 BC and are said to have been Cleopatra’s favourite gemstone. Today emeralds are generally mined in Colombia, Brazil, and Zambia. Amongst many glamorous emerald fans, Elizabeth Taylor stands out as having had a large collection of stunning emerald pieces.

Emeralds are thought to represent reflection, peace and balance and also give the wearer a sense of hope and wisdom. Their deep symbolism also holds a unique history amongst women’s rights – the suffragettes wore emeralds when they marched to campaign for the right to vote nearly a hundred years ago. The symbolism is very relevant today, with celebrities appearing on the red carpet at the 2018 Golden Globes wearing a variety of stunning emerald pieces paired with simple black dresses in support of the Times Up movement. Closer to home, Meghan Markle has been seen wearing emerald green on a number of occasions and it is thought to be because she is an advocate of women’s rights.

Each emerald is charming in its own way and they all possess individual character. Most emeralds contain inclusions, which are known as the “jardin” (garden); totally clean stones are extremely rare. Emeralds are usually polished in stepped cuts such as the emerald cut to take advantage of their translucence and colour but also to protect these brittle gemstones from damage. Colour is a very important factor in assessing the quality and desirability of an emerald; the best emeralds have a strong and consistent colour throughout and are clear.

Pravins is the perfect place to find your very own emeralds. Our in-store consultants can show you different styles of jewellery and varying shades of emerald to help you find the perfect piece. Why not be inspired to create your own piece by taking advantage of our bespoke service? Our gemologists can source different emeralds for you to view in-store before being mounted into your perfect piece of timeless jewellery.

Pravins has a wealth of experience in sourcing gemstones to make the most perfect pieces. The featured emerald in the Pravins Carnival collection is complemented by a lighter-toned peridot and a diamond.

Pravins Alchemy collection is characterised by a cluster of emeralds and diamonds in smooth rubover settings.

A white gold setting creates a modern contract against the green hues, or alternatively yellow gold settings bring out the warmer tones for a more traditional look.

18ct White Gold Classic Emerald Pendant
18ct Yellow Gold Emerald and Diamond Bracelet

Emerald’s beautiful deep green colour looks luxurious in all types of jewellery. The elegance of an emerald ring makes it an ideal piece to wear on special occasions. Pravins stocks a variety of classic emerald rings in styles including solitaire, halo, three-stone and cluster.

18ct Yellow Gold Emerald and 0.36ct Diamond Three Stone Ring
Oriana 18ct White Gold Emerald and Diamond Ring

Whatever your style, emeralds epitomise timeless beauty and feminine strength. Discover more online or visit one of our boutiques for a consultation to find your perfect emerald piece.