In this blog we'll cover topics from how long you need to allow when ordering your wedding rings, to different designs & styles

When it comes to organising weddings there are countless different checklists or ‘how to’ guides to follow to make sure you don’t miss out on the fine details. Or end up with no guests at your big day…apart from the family teddy bear! Whilst we can’t tell you where to hold the reception, which family member to rope into making bunting or if you should have an ice cream van or not, there is one thing we are experts at; and that…is the wedding bands!

Worn on the fourth finger of your left hand, these symbols of eternal love and commitment come in all shapes and sizes, widths and weights. Pravins wedding rings are available in a variety of precious metals from platinum and palladium to 18ct gold in yellow, white or rose. For ladies it is strongly advised that the same fineness of metal is chosen if the wedding band is going to be worn alongside the engagement ring. The hardness and properties of different metals vary, so this will help minimise wear in the long run.

To find out more about which metal may suit you best, book an appointment in your local boutique to discuss the benefits of different metals with our expert staff further.

Wedding bands come in a variety of shapes and styles, all designed to sit different on the finger and with different rings. Firstly you have ‘straight’ wedding bands which we offer with three different profiles, these are:

- Court Shape – The most classic and popular of wedding bands. With a soft curve on the inside and outside our court shaped bands make for a comfortable fit whichever width of ring you choose.

- D-Shape – Rounded on the outside and flat on the inside like a capital D these bands sit closely to the finger and have a slim look because of their dramatic outside shape.

- Flat – As simple as it sounds. A flat profile band is more of a modern take on the wedding band. Flat bands are also available with a court inside, creating the look of a flat band, with the comfort of a court.

These bands can then be customised with bevelled edges, lines or even different finishes such as brushed, satin and sandblasted.

After these classic straight bands we also offer a range of shaped bands designed to fit specifically around fancy shaped engagement rings. When trying on wedding bands we always recommend our clients wear their engagement rings to ensure they two sit comfortably together.

Most of our wedding bands are available in a range of widths, most commonly between 2mm and 6mm, but some designs can be viewed up to 8mm wide. While the widths vary, so does the weight or depth – as standard our classic plain bands come in two weights, medium and heavy.

Increasing in popularity in recent years are diamond set wedding bands; adding a little extra sparkle to the everyday, diamond set bands can complement the beauty of an engagement ring or stand alone with a more elaborate design.

There are no rules about what you must wear, whether you want to match with your husband or wife or not; or if you want to go for a two-tone 8mm wide diamond set band – the choice is yours. Your wedding band represents your relationship and you need to feel comfortable wearing it for many years to come.

Don’t forget to look at our engraving service to add a personal touch to your band. Why not choose a surprise message and wait for the big day to reveal your sentimental token to one another!

At Pravins we recommend allowing at least three months to order your wedding rings. This way you have peace of mind there’ll be no last minute rushes and that leaves plenty of time for any alterations or engravings you may want to add in later on.

So now you know a little more about what you need to consider when purchasing wedding bands, why not book an appointment.