Like most of our Pravins Designs our Tides of Infinity collection started with a gemstone and an idea...

Taking a step back from the pearls, our team focussed on the origins of these organic gemstones as a whole. From their beginnings deep in the sea, to the force and power of water that makes these ‘diamonds on the sea’ a possibility.

Then with mood boards covered in imagery of crashing waves and freeze-framed water droplets our team started the process of developing a few concepts and ways in which we could turn these five pearls into timeless pieces of jewellery to be enjoyed for generations.

After much deliberating we settled on the idea of individually handcrafted ‘caps’ to sit around the pearl, tracing their natural curves and enhancing their beauty with simplistic lines. Everyone at Pravins was in agreement that we shouldn’t over complicate the pieces and distract from the intrinsic elegance of the pearls and their iridescent lustre.

After selecting 18ct white gold to complement each Tahitian pearls ever changing colours and tones it was decided the creamy white hues of the South Sea specimen belonged next to the warmth of 18ct yellow gold.

The next eight months saw the collection take shape as each sketch was analysed by our chosen craftsmen, who specialises in one-off handmade pieces. Our designer then oversaw the precision of shaping the metal around each gem to ensure the original vision became a reality. After the final diamond setting and finishing polish our “Tides of Infinity collection was ready to be showcased in our boutiques.

Travelling across the country they can now be found in our boutiques in Bristol, Cardiff, Reading and Southampton.