Have you ever wondered where you’ll be when ‘the ring’ begins to take shape? Maybe you’ll be collecting your morning coffee or sitting down to lunch on a Sunday afternoon. You might even be thinking over your proposal plans. And at that very moment, inspiration will strike one of our designers, sparking off a process that will end with a perfect ring and a perfect proposal. What happens in between? A great deal of craftsmanship, and a little bit of fate…

Step one: Inspiration and design

The ring is still a concept in the designer’s mind – and you might not even know you’re going to propose yet. Here at Pravins, the designer is busy bringing his or her idea to life, using sketches, computer-aided design (CAD) tools and wax models.

This step is a little different if you’ve ordered a bespoke ring. Throughout it, you’ll be in regular contact with our designers to make sure sketches and models are a perfect fit with your expectations. For bespoke clients this is one of the most exciting parts of the process, and many treasure the initial sketches and models almost as much as the real thing.

Step two: Finding the right materials

There are still weeks to go until the ring reaches a Pravins boutique and catches your eye. By now you’ve almost certainly decided to propose and are busy planning the big moment. Meanwhile, our team are hard at work finding the right materials for the ring. Our in-house gemologist personally hand-selects and inspects each diamond we use in our own engagement rings, looking for colour, clarity and the all-important brilliance and fire. Read our diamond guide to understand more about what we look for in a diamond.

Step three: Bringing it all together

At this stage you might already have started shopping around for a ring. For us and our goldsmiths, it’s time to turn the design and the raw material into a stunning piece of bridal jewellery. It’s here that our relationships in the jewellery industry come into play – as a family business with 50 years’ experience, we have access to some of the very best craftsmanship in the UK, much of it concentrated around London’s Hatton Garden and Birmingham’s jewellery quarter.

Rings go through several highly specialised processes during manufacture, including the shaping of the band, the setting of gems and the final polish. The depth of our contacts allows us to use the very best talent at each stage, and we quality-check regularly throughout manufacture.

Step four: You enter the picture…

Weeks – and sometimes months – after inspiration struck, the ring you’re destined to choose arrives in one of our boutiques and goes on display. By now you’ll have shopped around a lot and will have a good idea of what you want.

If you don’t spot ‘your’ ring immediately while browsing, we’re confident you’ll be guided to it by one of our staff. We put a lot of effort into our training and have designed our boutiques to be comfortable and relaxed – our sit-down consultations, usually held over a coffee or a glass of champagne, help you understand what’s on offer and help our experts understand exactly what you’re looking for. And just as we can tell when a diamond is perfect for a piece of jewellery, we can always tell when a customer has seen the right ring.

If you’re a bespoke customer, this final step is the grand unveiling, when you join us at one of our boutiques to see your ideas brought to life. As well as the ring, we’ll present you with a valuation folder that includes ring specifications and a copy of our technical drawings.

From then on, the ring’s story becomes your story. It’ll take centre stage in your proposal, wow your partner’s friends and family, and be joined by an elegant wedding band when the day finally arrives. And we’ll be with you every step of the way, offering free cleaning and inspection, an in-depth care guide and a lifetime guarantee.