Why not give your partner something even sweeter than chocolate this Valentines Day?
Discover our six Valentines Day proposal ideas to inspire your own love story on the most romantic day of the year.

1. Propose over brunch. Your partner won’t be expecting it when the ring appears after eggs benedict at 11am. Just as romantic but far more surprising.

2. Plan a special getaway. Pop the question right before you leave for the airport. What a fantastic way to celebrate!

3. Make an impromptu visit to Pravins. We can arrange to have a few rings preselected and when you wander into the Pravins boutique in ‘just looking’ mode, your partner will have no idea you’re about to get down on knee. We’ll provide the champagne!

4. Try a different take on roses. Sneak into the bedroom and spread rose petals around the bed while your partner is asleep. Waking up to a shiny new Pravins ring is surely the best way to get up in the morning!

5. A double jewellery surprise. Engrave a Pravins Harmony charm bangle with the words ‘Be Mine’ and follow up on bended knee with a Pravins engagement ring at the ready.

6. Movie magic. Re-enact a scene from an 80s movie by playing their favourite songs at full volume as you rock up sporting your finest white tux, a large bouquet of flowers and a huge 80s grin. Big hair optional.

Whatever your plans, there are some basics to remember.
• Keep it personal – think about the things that are important to your partner and that will make this moment one to treasure forever.

• The right ring is important. Pravins have a huge range of beautifully-made, hand-finished engagement rings in gold, white gold and platinum. Our sales staff can explain the different style and metal options and provide friendly advice to help you find the perfect design. All Pravins rings come complete with our unique Lifetime Guarantee.

• Try and get the ring size as close as possible. If you can, ‘borrow’ one of your partner’s other rings (one that is worn on the third finger) so that we can measure it and try and find a ring that is close in size.

• Running late? Order online and where possible we’ll deliver it within seven days. Or if you’re feeling really impulsive, speak to us and we’ll arrange a same-day courier.

Feeling inspired? View our engagement rings here.