As everybody knows, jewellery is given to commemorate and celebrate some of the biggest landmarks in an individual's lifetime.

Whether it’s your engagement ring, wedding bands, a 21st birthday present or a 50th anniversary; these little jewels hold a special place in your heart and can evoke distance memories at a glance.

So it’s no surprise that for thousands of years people have been engraving pieces of jewellery with symbols and messages to personalise each item or give them a distinct meaning and purpose. At Pravins we are proud to offer an engraving service on items of jewellery purchased from our boutiques and online.

Using only trusted craftsmen who have honed their skills over many years, our selected engravers complete each piece with passion and dedication, delivering that extra touch to a gift or your cherished jewellery.

With all our engraving completed by hand, each message will have a personality and life that machine engraving can lack. We offer a selection of styles of lettering so you can select the desired look for that hidden message.

Over the years we’ve come across a rather impressive variety of messages, from a classic date on a wedding band (so anniversaries aren’t forgotten!) to the location of a proposal on the inside of an engagement ring. So if you’re thinking about getting your jewellery engraved then we’d be delighted to talk you through the process when you’re next in the boutiques or why not drop us an email to with any questions you might have.