It was in the German city of Hamburg that the first Montblanc atelier was born...

…when three enterprising men positioned their new company as “Manufacturers of first class golden fountain pens”.

From 1906 onwards, they engaged experienced craftsmen in the Schanzenviertel area of Hamburg to develop the most advanced writing instruments of the day, such as the first Simplo Safety Fountain Pen. One invention after another, from ink tanks that prevent leaking or sophisticated transportation systems for a better ink flow, to retractable nibs, Montblanc has continuously pioneered new mechanisms to keep the Maison at the forefront of writing technology. Over a century later, while Montblanc now comprises of two watch manufactures in Switzerland and a leather manufacture in Florence, Hamburg remains the Maison’s headquarters and the birthplace of every handcrafted writing instrument.

It is in the Hamburg Manufacture that the Maison’s artisans continue to unite traditional craftsmanship, the highest levels of precision and modern production techniques to create unique collections. The Montblanc Meisterstück, the world’s most recognizable writing instrument and the pinnacle of writing culture, continues to be manufactured with the greatest care and attention to detail in Hamburg. Every nib is hand-­‐sculpted from solid gold by master craftsmen that oversee 35 skilled steps before an additional 70 steps are completed to assemble and further test the Meisterstück before it leaves Montblanc. In addition to the way a piece feels when writing, a good ear plays an important role: the nib grinder listens attentively to the sound each nib makes as it glides over the paper. Only nibs that do not scratch or snag, and thus generate a continuous sound, will pass the special quality inspection.

At the heart of Montblanc’s writing instruments manufacture in Hamburg lies the Artisan Atelier, where artistic writing instruments like no others in the world are conceived by Montblanc’s designers and fashioned by the skilled hands of experienced craftsmen, including a team of master goldsmiths and stone setters. Countless meticulous steps are involved in the process using only the rarest materials from platinum and solid gold, to ruthenium and carbon to realize, limited editions such as Patron of Arts, Writers Edition or Great Characters.

Taking the bespoke experience to new heights, Montblanc Creation Privée offers complete customization with artisans crafting one-­‐of-­‐a-­‐kind writing masterpieces entirely based on the wishes and ideas of each individual client. Out of the finest materials available, Montblanc artisans demonstrate the utmost precision, creativity and expertise to create outstanding pieces for dedicated Montblanc connoisseurs using the finest materials, most challenging shapes and embellishing each piece with the finest stones.
Inside the walls of the writing instrument Manufacture, skilled artisans uphold the traditions and the skills handed down through the generations, while continuing to advance the culture of writing, experimenting with new materials and creating new designs. In the age of mobile technology, Montblanc has embraced the digital world with the creation of the e-StarWalker and Pix, two custom mobile-ready styluses, digital writing devices for use with Samsung’s Galaxy Note.

With passion and dedication, Montblanc continues to manufacture the pieces that are part of the Maison’s rich heritage, and deliver the unexpected designs and the surprising innovations that maintain Montblanc’s status as the great pioneer of writing culture.