For over 100 years, Montblanc has embraced the traditions of lasting value and exquisite craftsmanship.

The maison’s uncompromising principles of design, style, quality and workmanship have allowed it to create heirloom collections that are passed from generation to generation. The iconic Montblanc emblem is a symbol of excellence – the pinnacle of luxury writing instruments, timepieces, leather, accessories, fragrances and sunglasses – and the maison has made an enduring commitment to encourage excellence through cultural advancement. Montblanc has its roots in writing culture and therefore sees a particular obligation to its own cultural commitment. Through various international activities, the maison makes a creative contribution to modern cultural life: Montblanc itself writes a small piece of cultural history.

Montblanc Timeline

Alfred Nehemias, a Hamburg banker and August Eberstein, a Berlin engineer, conclude an agreement to manufacture the newly invented fountain pen and establish a factory in Hamburg.

An early premium quality pen, named “Rouge et Noir”, is launched by the company, now trading as Simplo Filler Pen Co. GmbH.

The first Montblanc fountain pen is launched. This new writing instrument features significant improvements, and its name is chosen – so the story goes – to represent its peak of technical achievement and highest European craftsmanship.

The six point white star – representing the snowcap of Europe’s highest mountain, the Mont Blanc – becomes the company’s trademark.

The first Montblanc Boutique opens in Hamburg, soon to be followed by others in Berlin, Leipzig, Breslau, Hanover and Bremen.

The legendary Montblanc Meisterstück fountain pen is launched. As its name proudly proclaims, it is a masterpiece of precision craftsmanship.

Montblanc establishes its first leather goods workshop producing luxury small leather items near Offenbach, a town renowned for its leather craftsmanship.

The engraving “4810” first appears on the Montblanc Meisterstück nib. Recording the height in metres of the Mont Blanc as it was measured at the time, this figure has been engraved on all Meisterstück fountain pens ever since.

Montblanc introduces the Meisterstück Solitaire Collection, the first precious metal edition of the Meisterstück. The Meisterstück Solitaire 149 fountain pen in solid gold enters the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive fountain pen in the

Montblanc moves into new, purpose-­‐built Headquarters in Hamburg, integrating design, production and administration, as well as the Montblanc Museum.

Montblanc opens its first ever Montblanc Boutique in Hong Kong showing its strong commitment to Asia.

Montblanc establishes the Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Award to honour outstanding patrons of the arts. Its first Limited Edition Patron of Art writing instrument celebrates one of history’s great art patrons, Lorenzo de Medici. Meanwhile, the new annual Montblanc Limited Writers Edition pays tribute to Ernest Hemingway.

Dunhill Holding, having acquired Montblanc in 1985, is taken over by Vendôme, which subsequently becomes Richemont, one of the world’s largest luxury conglomerates, encompassing – alongside Montblanc – prestigious names including Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Jaeger LeCoultre and IWC.

The Meisterstück Solitaire Royal, painstakingly set by hand with 4,810 diamonds, becomes the world’s most expensive fountain pen.

Montblanc becomes the founding sponsor of the Philharmonia of Nations, under the direction of conductor Professor Justus Frantz.

Montblanc Montre S.A. is founded in Le Locle, Switzerland, for the manufacture of finely crafted timepieces. The Meisterstück watch collection is presented at the prestigious Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie in Geneva.

The first Montblanc flagship store is inaugurated in New York, to be followed by others in major cities across the globe.

Foundation of the Montblanc Cutting Edge Art Collection, comprising of works by internationally renowned contemporary artists each asked to individually and artistically interpret the world famous Montblanc emblem, and displayed in the administration and production buildings of Montblanc Headquarters in Hamburg, the leather manufacture in Florence and the watch manufactures in both LeLocle and Villeret.

Montblanc joins forces with UNICEF for the first time to launch “Sign Up for the Right to Write”, a campaign to promote quality education for the world’s children. During the initiative a limited edition of 4810 pens and 149 celebrity statements were sold to raise
700.000 USD.

Montblanc celebrates its centenary with the unveiling of the precious Montblanc Diamond. Eight years in development, this breath taking 43 facet cut reveals the Montblanc emblem in three dimensional form making the maison the first luxury brand to have a patented gem cut derived from its logo.

Montblanc’s watchmaking expertise is further enhanced by the creation of the Institut Minerva de Recherche en Haute Horlogerie at Villeret, Switzerland, perpetuating the rich tradition of Minerva, a small manufacture famed for its exceptional handmade movements founded in 1858.

At the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie in Geneva, Montblanc unveils the MB R100 calibre, the first movement manufactured entirely in its own workshops. Integrating the new movement, the Nicolas Rieussec Monopusher Chronograph pays tribute to the inventor of the chronograph, Nicolas Rieussec.

Montblanc and UNICEF unveil the Meisterstück “Signature for Good” initiative working together to fight illiteracy around the world. The project raises $4.3 million USD.

Montblanc unveils the Metamorphosis, the first watch developed at its Institut Minerva founded to nurture talented young watchmakers. Deriving its name from its unique dual function and faces, the Metamorphoses changes from a single time indication to a chronograph by moving a slide up or down.

The Tourbillon Bi-Cylindrique with its calibre MB65.63 becomes the world’s first wristwatch to feature a tourbillon with double cylindrical balance springs, achieved by miniaturising and transplanting the beating escapement with a cylindrical hairspring into a tourbillon.

Montblanc celebrates 20 years of the Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Award and hosts the World Premiere Opening of the biggest Montblanc boutique in Sanlitun, Beijing – at 1,800m2, this innovative, four storey, interactive concept store allows visitors to experience the whole world of Montblanc. Montblanc established its Pelletteria in Florence, the historic centre of leather craftsmanship in Italy.

Montblanc previews the most complicated timepiece yet in its Villeret 1858 collection, the ExoTourbillon Rattrapante, combining a split second chronograph and Montblanc’s patented four minute ExoTourbillon.

Montblanc continues its support to benefit UNICEF’s education programmes, focusing on the most vulnerable children, through the Schools for Africa and Asia initiatives, and programmes in Latin America. Montblanc builds on the success of the first “Signature for Good” initiative launched in 2009 and pledges to raise at least $1.5 million dollars in 2013. It exceeds its goal by raising more than $5 million USD.

The Power of Words project is launched in association with the Mandela Foundation and the Tribeca Film Institute in April 2013. In a partnership with Times Square Alliance, a short film video featuring Mandela’s words and directed by Nabil Elderkin is projected in New York’s iconic Times Square every night shortly before midnight.

Montblanc celebrates the 90th anniversary of the iconic Meisterstück with a special edition collection of writing instruments featuring a unique 90 Years design, and a collection of Meisterstück Heritage timepieces.

Montblanc Extreme – a collection of leather goods using innovative high performance leather to achieve new heights in durability and performance is launched in Florence.

Montblanc embraces the digital world with the creation of the e-StarWalker and Pix, two custom mobile ready styluses, digital writing devices for use with Samsung’s Galaxy Note.

Award winning actor Hugh Jackman becomes Montblanc Brand Ambassador appearing in the Maison’s advertising campaign. He is joined by two China brand ambassadors, Taiwanese actress Gwai Lun Mei and two-­‐time Olympic Badminton Champion Lin Dan.

Montblanc extends the Power of Words project, a collaboration with the Tribeca Film Institute and The Nelson Mandela Foundation, bringing together a new generation of filmmakers to use the legendary and most powerful words of Nelson Mandela to create feature short films that interpret and give new meaning to his legacy and vision.

Montblanc announces Charlotte Casiraghi, equestrian champion, writer and producer as its global brand ambassador during the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie.

Montblanc introduces the TimeWalker Urban Speed e-Strap, combining a TimeWalker timepiece with a highly functional e-Strap with an integrated technology device that offers an activity tracker, smart notifications, remote controls and Find-Me functions.