Here at Pravins we’ve been helping our clients find the perfect ring for the love of their lives for nearly half a century.

If you’re thinking about getting engaged then there is probably the longest list of questions you can imagine already filling your brain. Well…you’re in luck!

As one of the most sentimental and cherished pieces of jewellery you’ll ever buy or own, an engagement ring needs to be right. That doesn’t mean it will take months to decide, sometimes you’ll just know the first ring you’ve found is the one…gut instinct has a lot to answer for! So whether you’re confused about the etiquette, contemplating finger sizes or calculating costs we’ve got a handy guide for you to simplify the potentially daunting task ahead of you.


Now we’re not here to tell you exactly what to say or how to ask for someone’s hand in marriage but customarily before popping ‘the question’ you should ask for the father’s permission to propose. Perhaps texting isn’t the ideal method, but find a way you’re comfortable to do the deed and a way that won’t arouse too much suspicion from your other half. Of course, it is entirely up to you and your personal situation, how, when or if you do this; and depending on the answer…we move on to what to buy.


There are many tales surrounding how much money should be spent on the ring. We’ve heard one month’s salary, all the way up to three month’s from some of our clients! But what we say is be comfortable, this may not be a walk in the park to pay for, but I’m sure your partner wouldn’t want you going bankrupt over their ring. Rings can be paid for in full and up front or we offer interest free payment plans with Hitachi Capital Consumer Finance if you wanted to spread the cost over a longer period of time.

From experience, it is worth having a price range in mind when you first start looking, but let the final style and specifications dictate how much is spent. You might come across the perfect design for a lot less than you expected; or you may need to go back to the drawing board for some revisions.

Either way, Pravins stock engagement rings in a wide range of prices to suit your needs and our boutique teams would be more than happy to find something to fit your requirements perfectly.

So you’re planning on marrying someone and spending the rest of your life with that one person…surely you know what they like! Take a look at their current jewellery; is it fairly traditional or a little more modern? Dainty and delicate or bold and chunky? What style of clothes do they wear; classic looks or avant-garde couture? All of these points give clues as to what style of engagement ring you may want to look at. This sort of information is extremely valuable to our sales team who know our products inside and out to help narrow down the decision making process.

Asking friends and relatives for advice can be helpful, but make sure they can keep a secret before divulging your plans to their nearest and dearest. On the other hand… you may have been given explicit instructions on what to buy.

Diamonds or Coloured Gemstones
The classic engagement rings we know and love are generally set with a single diamond, otherwise known as a solitaire diamond ring. There’s an awful lot of information on diamonds, including the four c’s, certification and The Kimberley Process; so we’ve written a separate diamond guide to avoid any confusion. However, gemstones are increasingly popular choices for engagement rings when looking for something a little different, or a pop of colour!

And while we stock a lovely selection of gemstone engagement rings, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your gemstone. Diamonds make ideal gemstones for everyday wear because of their hardness. Being the hardest known mineral to man, they are able to withstand the knocks and dents of everyday life quite comfortably. However, they are not indestructible and a hard knock or blow can chip a diamond. So if they’re the hardest mineral and can get damaged, logic would lead you to the conclusions that softer gemstones certainly can. Read our blog on the industry standard scale of hardness, Moh’s Scale for more information. Essentially, sapphires and rubies are suitable diamond alternatives, as well as some garnets or spinel’s. As soon as you start looking into emerald and tanzanite or aquamarine for example you will need to take a much higher level of care on a daily basis to ensure they do not get damaged.

The main reason client’s might choose a coloured gemstone include their personal significance, birthdays or even favourite colours. Most of our engagement rings can be customised to be set with any coloured gemstone, so ask in your local boutique for more information.

All Pravins engagement rings are made using precious metals such as 18ct gold and platinum. The first decision you need to make it whether you would like a yellow, white or rose coloured metal; from there it’s a relatively simple process.

If you’re looking for a white metal where possible we recommend our clients choose platinum engagement rings due to its superior strength and durability against everyday wear and low maintenance requirements. Its natural properties make it ideal for keeping your precious gemstones secure for a lifetime. 18ct white gold is an alternative white metal for engagement rings, but it is worth noting the required maintenance such as rhodium plating to keep its bright white finish.

If you decide on a yellow metal, you’re looking at 18ct yellow gold and 18ct rose gold for an alternative rose coloured statement. White metals are by far the most common or popular choice for engagement rings over the past few years reflecting modern jewellery trends. With rose gold or yellow gold embodying a slightly more classic or traditional look.

If you know something “off the shelf” just won’t cut it, or you have a specific design in mind for your betrothed then perhaps our Bespoke Creations journey is the one for you. Find out more about our bespoke journey or visit your local boutique to talk through your ideas and start making them a reality.

Finger Size
One of the most common questions we get asked is about finger size. And the most important thing is not to worry! With a Pravins engagement ring your first sizing is free of charge and most designs of ring can be sized with ease; and if something can’t be sized we’d be happy to make a brand new piece for you for the first sizing to ensure it fits perfectly.

If you know their finger size then that’s fantastic, if you’re not sure then it might be worth holding off sizing something as if made to the incorrect size it may be difficult to turn back the clock. Whilst most newly engaged couples don’t want to part with their beautiful new ring during sizing, you’ll have a lifetime together and the few short weeks early on will be a distant memory once the ring fits perfectly for the future.

If you’re determined to find out their finger size in advance try and find a ring they wear on the same finger and use our ring size guide to measure up. Or, if you’re able to bring that ring to one of our boutiques we can use our sizing gauge and be a little more accurate. Keep in mind the width of the band and size of the top section; some large fashion rings won’t make a good measure as they are much chunkier than your average engagement ring. And the larger the width of band, the tighter it will fit on your finger.

To print a copy of our ring size guide, download our brochure and print off the relevant page following the instructions closely to make sure it’s as accurate as possible.

We hope you’ve found our engagement buying guide helpful and if you have any questions please give us a call on 0845 600 8699 or make an appointment at your local boutique to discuss any further questions you might have.