Think about life’s memorable and most special occasions. Graduation. Your wedding. The birth of a child. A special anniversary or a landmark birthday. A peaceful Christmas at the end of a very long year. The celebration of a milestone personal or business deal. A well-earned retirement. If you’re lucky, most of these will occur in your life and the lives of the ones you love. The moments pass in the blink of an eye so at Pravins we think it’s very important to mark each and every occasion with a special gift – one that can evoke the biggest of smiles not only on the day but years or even decades later. A gift that can instantly transport you both back to that special moment, as if it were happening all over again. But what to give?

- In recent years gadgets have become more and more popular as gifts. But we all know how swiftly shiny new tech becomes scratched, forlorn and obsolete.

- Cruises or holidays? Great fun certainly, but not something that can be carried as a memento forever (even if you bought the T-shirt or the baseball cap).

- A new car makes a very generous gift. But try getting one of those under a Christmas tree, or in your pocket to present in a special place on a moonlit night.

- A beautiful coat or shoes, then. Very swish, but guaranteed to be out of fashion within three years (if they’re still wearable after that length of time).

– A luxury handbag. Great for ‘wow’ factor, but swiftly replaced by a newer and more desirable model.

We’re sorry but we must insist. For a gift that lasts a lifetime, looks beautiful after decades, outlasts fashion trends and can be worn and appreciated every day – there is no better choice than diamonds. Our favourite gems, these marvels of nature retain their sparkle and brilliance forever. Wise men (and women) have been giving the gift of diamonds since ancient times, and fine diamonds are as coveted now as they always have been. There are not many other gifts that can convey such weight and emotion in such a small box.

At Pravins we have a wide range of stunning diamond jewellery, in 18ct yellow or white gold, ranging from earrings to pendants to bracelets. Always buy from a reputable jeweller (they don’t get much more reputable than us) so you can be confident in your purchase. Opt for the best you can afford, as whiter and cleaner diamonds really will stand out more. We’d recommend looking at our diamonds in person at one of our shops rather than on your computer screen, but if you must then visit www.pravins.co.uk.

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